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Storytelling Through Film

Our experienced film production specialises in telling inspirational stories using professional audio recording equipment that ensures broadcast quality interviews, as well as up to 6k high resolution footage, motion graphics and animation to provide compelling Broll.

We provide the following services:

  • Pre-production planning, research, itinerary and format development to suit client's interests

  • On-location production, including indoor and outdoor broadcasting and live streaming: Broll, up to 6k resolution; sound (ambient sound and recorded interview audio), one-to-one interviews, presenter-led, talking heads, voice-overs

  • Virtual online interviews via zoom, zoho, skype, etc

  • Aerial filming up to 4k resolution, we are an in-house CAA licensed operator to fly drones commercially for photography and filming, with specific drone insurance

  • Provision of public liability insurance

  • Provision of release forms, including model releases, general & specific property releases, public & private artist licences, and securing landowner permission for take-off/landing for aerial work

  • Provision of a privacy policy that complies with UK law, including that required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Post-production editing, including license with a professional music library

  • Collation, cataloguing and secure storage of digital media

  • Distribution and placement on key media channels to increase their visibility - we can also advise on distribution to optimise the visibility of the films across a variety of online networks -
    our films get watched!

Green Traveller filming.jpg

Here are a few examples of stories we told for the World Travel and Tourism Council's 'Transforming Our World' series:

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